Historical Inaccuracies

Historical Inaccuracies


The story you think you're telling is never the one that's being told. (author's note: I don't normally include trigger warnings, but I'm making an exception for the first story in this collection, "Came the Night", which deals with the heinous institutionalization of rape culture and victim-blaming. I have been told that it "ripped my soul out, but then held me as I put it back together." - ZZC)

​​...Prehistoric Jesus didn’t work out. Premature transfiguration. Inquisition Jesus kept slipping on the blood. No traction, no peace. Sitcom Jesus had all the right ingredients but wasn’t funny enough for anyone to want to buy the entire first season on DVD. And why they thought to put an annoying kid in the cast no one knows. Tomorrow we’ll have Techno Jesus. 
Tomorrow is today.

"Don't read anything immediately after this (collection). It will suffer by comparison." ~ SciFi Magpie

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