FICTION: A Drop In The Ocean

People die all the time in places they worship, same as they die all the time at sea—the blame sliding off gods and oceans easy as water off that proverbial duck’s back. Though in people’s love, there’s desperate worry. Places of worship are built as fortresses. And even as the oceans are predicted to become so big they take over land, people love them so much, they cluster near the very edges where the ocean is most likely to overcome the land.

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Clarence Young
Starfish and Coffee

So many thoughtful, heartful, soulful people around the world are feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of awfulness that has descended upon us, from the gleeful pride in prejudice to the rising scorn of the common good, and the odd-yet-growing faith in strongmen dictators to give us all we want at their pleasure, so many childish power-grabbers only asking our glistening-eyed adoration (and no questions) in return. Overwhelmed by this mountain...and by the need to do something to whittle it down, take it away, lessen its impact.

To become signal, and not noise…

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