Cover Release

We're excited to present the cover art for The Road to Neozon, available in print today at Amazon, the first Obsidian Sky Books release from the acclaimed and alchemical Anna Tambour.

A good cover, done right, never reveals all the back and forth that went into it: the drafts, revised drafts, combination of drafts, and sprinkled prayers.

Its goal is not solely to sandwich the words so the insides don’t tumble, but to make the cover just as important as the meat on the bread of that sammich.

A good cover is the difference between a warm focaccia bun and bargain white. We joyously offer you this winning bun, one that’s a little mysterious, a little dangerous, just a touch sly, and savory enough (along with the fantastic word meat inside) to take a big bite.

The Road to Neozon, by Anna Tambour. Short stories celebrating the wondrous unease felt navigating the dappled woods of life, knowing that the breadcrumbs dropped at times to find a way back often seem to attract hidden attention along the way...

(Cover design by Winter-Hebért

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