Start Somewhere.

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You have to start somewhere. Obsidian Sky started out as a one-shot: me gathering together works from writers I respected so I could help sell their books at a con they were all unable to attend. I called it “The Obsidian Sky Consortium”—our banner: “We dream our tales by grace of the obsidian sky.”

Then I wondered, Why can’t I do this all the time? You know, like a publisher? And the lightbulb appeared. I could. Granted, I had no resources, no means, and no reach, but I had a love of words strung together in intriguing—even challenging—ways. I had a love of stories that weren’t afraid to veer, shake up, or upend a reader’s expectations. I wanted the weird, the brilliant, the lingering, and the true.

Obsidian Sky Books.

Why “obsidian sky”? Because the night is not only when, but where, all the dreams stealthily climb in bed with us. Night is a place; dreams: wonderful companions, worthy of praise.

Which brings us to today. Our very first new author (although she’s not new to the business; matter of fact, she’s been short-listed for some very prestigious awards, including the World Fantasy Award).

Some of you know the name Anna Tambour, some don’t, but this June you get to visit a new collection (featuring 11 stories, 7 of which—including 2 novelettes—are original to this publication), and feel immersed in midnight waters that swirl a message into your body and ears: that they know the secret currents to where the dragons live.

Obsidian Sky is proud to present that experience to you. We’re still assembling it, which means making sure that when you’ve completed the book, there are still a few pieces in the box. Isn’t that the best feeling? Finishing something, seeing it standing, then realizing that there are nuts and bolts outstanding…but smiling anyway because, dammit, it’s standing. It’s solid. It works. Bits of you took the place of those errant nuts and bolts.

Everything about this book speaks of an excitement not just for words and publishing, but for communing. The cover reveal is coming very soon, and it totally feels like magic! We hope you’ll feel the same.

Camp with us under the night sky, where there’s nothing but infinity biding its time.


                    Clarence Young (publisher and camp guide)